Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heads Will Roll

So fifth round of chemo is done.  It was not quite successful.  They sent me home without giving me part of my chemo.  As you can imagine (for those of you who've met him), Dad was furious.  Mom was angry b/c she got really silent when the hospital called and told us.  I'm irritated.  I'm working up to angry.  It's just frustrating, and it's not an easy b/c they've already given me the post-treatment shot and to give me the chemo now could reactivate my tumor.  I believe the medical term for this situation is "hot mess."

I saw the doctor today for the usual round of  bloodwork.  Everything is good on that front except for my counts being a little low, which is normal at this stage of chemo.  I'm having really fun joint pains that are normal as well.  At the doctor today, they also told me to spend more time with my friends.  And I agree.  I miss all of my friends, but most of them have legitimate jobs (or semi-legitimate) and they aren't available til evening when I'm tired.  I shall try to make an effort though.  At least there's skeeball starting up again...

No funny stories.  Just the general shocking of old ladies with my shaved head.  Little pleasures, right?

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  1. I'm on summer vacation and I'm a morning person. If you want someone to hang out with feel free to call me anytime.