Friday, August 1, 2014

Rebelling the Rachel Way

The closer I get to 30 (!), the more I entertain crazy notions that I need to do something wild to mark the occasion/prove I’m not an Old.  (I think the fact that I unironically use “notions” on a regular basis just proves I’ve always been secretly old.)  Recent ideas have included:
  • A Tattoo: I’ve always wanted one and I’ve got male and female friends who’ve actually got some very tasteful and meaningful tattoos.  Even in college, when I could have gotten one because I am an adult/a rebel/a poseur, I was beyond indecisive.  I couldn’t pick a favorite movie, breakfast cereal, or type of guy, so how could I pick something that would stay on my skin forever?   These days, I’ve been thinking of getting one to commemorate my cancer survival, on my left ribs near my tumor site.  Still undecided on a design though, so the tattoo is back-burnered. 
  • A Piercing: This is mostly due to the fact that I work in a very conservative law firm and I just want to rebel and have an obnoxious number of ear piercings or a tongue ring or even a tasteful nose ring.  All it would do is make my father internally flinch every time he looks at me and that would get old after a while.
  • A Solo Vacation: Other than sick leave and family things, and a wedding where I spent more time in the car than Nashville, I haven’t had an honest-to-God vacation since 2008 (possibly even longer than that).  Anyone says family trips are relaxing is a liar.  I love my family, but we are not a calm bunch.  This one is definitely on the agenda, though it probably not going to happen before I turn 30.
  • Dye My Hair a Crazy Color: This used to be my go-to thing, and I loved being a redhead, but it turns out my natural color is a fairly pretty dark brown.
  • Skydiving: I have very few friends willing to go with me in the event this goes south (no pun intended), but this one is going to happen before 31.

As it turns out, I’m kind of boring anyway, b/c so far the biggest thing I’m doing to celebrate my year of 30 is running in a new race every month from now until the end of 2014. Some I’ll get to do with my friends and some I may just do solo.  Either way, I’m looking forward to having something to commit to and who doesn’t need more race shirts?

I’m ready for August.  July was a strange month and I’m ready for good things to happen.  And if they don’t “just happen,” I’m ready to make good things happen.

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