Monday, January 13, 2014

Fitbit and Other Follies

I’ve always been a person who’s motivated by the visual.  To that end, my late Christmas present to myself was a Fitbit One tracker.  And I’ve totally become a disciple of the Fitbit in the 10 days I’ve owned it.  There are several models one can buy; I picked the clip-on version that tracks your steps, basal (not “basil” as I keep misspelling) metabolic rate, and sleep patterns.  I don’t really know what kind of sorcery it uses to make this magic happen, but it does, and holy crap, is it cool. 
I definitely notice that I’m challenging myself more and taking extra trips and steps, even when I don’t have to.  I’m sure I’m driving people at work crazy, as I seem to get up and walk more than they do, but I can always tell them my doctor wants me to move around as I’m at risk for blood clots (which is actually true, so it makes an excellent excuse). 
The coolest thing to track is my basal metabolic rate.  I don’t exactly understand the science behind all of it, but it’s basically the number of calories you’re burning through the day naturally and can vary with your weight.  Even on my laziest days at home, I was still burning a minimum of 2,100 calories per day.  So, theoretically, I could eat 1,500-1,600 calories per day and still be on a weight-loss track.  Excellent. (Please visualize an evil genius of your choice tapping his fingers.)
In the job-hunting forum, I’m racking my brain, trying to think of every person I know in the education field that I can remind I’m job-hunting.  Per a networking meeting, I was told to get in touch with the principal of one of the best private schools in the city.  I have a cover letter ready to go and I’m just paralyzed with fear to send it.  It’s really well-written, brief-yet-informative… all the things you want a cover letter (with resume attached) to be.   But making a leap and giving someone even a small chance to reject you is just terrifying.
My therapist says I worry too much.  I hope he doesn’t charge me for that insight, as it isn’t news to anyone who’s met me ever.
I’m also making headway on my second goal of the year, which is to increase my writing output via this blog (and in life).  My writers’ group had its first meeting last week and we set goals for ourselves.  Mine include more blog posts, work on my bridesmaids play, and to start drafting a story I have in mind for a screenplay.

In the Miscellaneous Problems section of life, with the cold weather of late, my dog keeps sneaking onto my bed while I’m sleeping.  I should kick him off, and do if he wakes me up, but it’s really hard to mad at a supercute creature who just wants to snuggle with me and wags his tail even when he sees me in my early-morning glory.

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