Friday, March 30, 2012

Motorcycles, Eclairs, and Dating

Cancer is a strange phenomenon. Even if your life is in no danger of ending as is the case with my cancer, you definitely start to get that “near-death” mentality. Suddenly there seems to be a rush on your bucket list. Not only do I not want to make sure I truly change through this experience, I don’t want to miss out on learning and doing things I want.


I’m on disability b/c my energy level and immune system is pretty low however, I’ve managed to score a work-from-home job with Kennesaw. I’m going to be organizing their student databases in one of their graduate departments and helping usher them into the social networking age. Things I can from my computer! The coolest part is because of my master’s, I may qualify for faculty status instead of just “staff.” I knew all those student loans were going to mean something someday…


· My cooking has reached epic proportions. In the effort to find something I enjoy eating, I’m going crazy in the kitchen. I’ve learned to make ice cream and sherbet, how to cook an edible medium rare steak on a George Foreman, made perfect roast potatoes, planned an Easter dinner, and studied the theory (and am ready to try) of making ├ęclairs (surprisingly simple). The tools for ├ęclairs involve cake decoration tips so I’ve bought on a book on that as well. Too bad very little tastes appealing…

· Reality television is also taking over my life. In case you were curious, there’s very little on television that’s any good; however, Mom got me hooked on American Pickers. There’s not possible way I can make this sound interesting: two dudes go on road trips to buy people’s junk for their antique store. It’s fascinating. I’m slowly becoming an expert on Indian Motorcycles and gasoline signs and creating a PhD thesis revolving around the theory that the more impressive the beard, the better the antique find. I’ve also watched enough Project Runway to convince myself I could sew.

· I’m also enjoying having more reading time. I’ve read several novels in the last couple of months, including stuff I never would have picked up on my own. Pop fiction, classics, young adult… I even watched a Hemingway movie (as close I care to be to the drunken genius).

· I’ve also been bitten by the shopping bug. I lost a lot of weight due to chemo so I need new clothes, and I’m going ultra-girly than I ever have because I’m compensating for no hair. I’m also doing interiors. My bedroom is getting a facelift and Mom and I redoing her living room (and making the Swedes at Ikea richer).


I haven’t had much of one. I am tired. When I have energy during the day, most of my friends work. At night when they’re free, I’m worn out (and probably watching American Pickers). However, one of my New Year’s Resolutions (before I got sick) was to start dating again. Yes, the middle of cancer treatment is a weird time to start looking for a relationship, but me being me, I can come up with excuses never to be ready to date again, so why not now? Hence, I’ve joined and told Dad I’m opening to the idea of dating his friends’ sons. All suggestions considered…


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  2. Eclairs! Eclairs! Eclairs! Eclairs!!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!!!

  3. I very much enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your story. :)