Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fighting the Boredom and the Nausea

First day out of the hospital!!!!

I'm sure I'd be more excited if I didn't feel like I was about to lose my last three meals. Additionally, I can't keep a consistent body temperature. Georgia is very cold right now, so it's very difficult to stay warm, but I feel like I'm having a hot flash.

Obviously this causes some discomfort.

I also am going slightly crazy with the television commercials that seem to be on constant loop. In particular, there's an ad for ADHD medication featuring an eight-year-old kid, and says to be cautious letting the kid operate heavy machinery. What the heck is a kid doing operating heavy machinery in the first place?

This could be the plethora of drugs I'm on talking. Last night I dreamed there was a horse staring at me. And judging me. This is mildly disturbing to wake up to, as one might imagine. I think I could handle all this much better minus the nausea. As soon as I locate some ginger candies, I feel like the world may start to look up again.

On a side note, I miss my doggy, but I'm so glad he's in good hands with Jaclyn and Richard and the rest of the Enners-Bates household....


  1. In some cultures, particularly nomadic tribes, the horse was a gaurdian and powerful spirit to be visited by. Glad to hear you're out of the hospital, do you have to go back for further treatment?

    PS: this is Heather Randazzo, we had a few english classes together

  2. Rachel,

    Perhaps the horse is the reincarnated Mr. Ed. Next time speak to it and see if it answers. And you may have mistook its look. I don't remember Mr. Ed begin judgmental so much as sarcastic. (I also doubt whether many who read this blog will know who Mr. Ed was).

  3. I have a poster of a chimp wearing headphones and it says "Jazz chimp says 'NO JUDGING'!"

    Let me know if you want me to bring it down to guard your room.