Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life of a Lymphomanic-- Week 1, Part 2

FRIDAY, January 27, 2012-MONDAY, January 30, 2012

While I begin to fight the good fight, life still must go on. Right before Christmas, my apartment complex announced they were raising my rent, and I refuse to pay a ton of money to live in Kennesaw. Just not going to do it. So special thanks to my new roomie, Nurse Noelle, for opening up a room to me and Buca.

Also thanks to Jaclyn Enners Bates, Cason Wallace, Heidi Wetherbee, Mom, and Dada Yarborough for coordinating my move, and to Richard Bates, Brandon Cole, Brian Hubbard, Andrew Boyd, Brad Sims, Shawn Theroux, and Eric Williams for helping move my stuff.

Too bad I haven’t actually slept in my apartment yet…

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  1. We'll get you guys settled in soon. I'm excited to have you and Bucca as roomies.