Monday, February 20, 2012

The Makeover Episode

Well, it's done.

I keep hearing Tyra Banks's voice repeating "Rose-MARY's BA-by haircut" over and over again. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've obviously never caved to wasting a Saturday on an ANTM marathon.

My hair is gone. Yesterday, it started falling out by the handful, which was obviously alarming and really upsetting. I cried a little bit, but I was somewhat stoic about the actual haircut. I'm not crazy about it, but that doesn't matter because at the rate it's falling out, I'm going to have to get my head shaved next week. I guess I'll have to pencil this in before I check back into the hospital for chemo.

I think I'm surprised at how emotionless I am about my hair. Maybe because it's falling out so fast and I know it'll be gone before long, I'm saving up my sad. Now I'm just panicking about stupid stuff like not knowing how to tie a decent headscarf.

I also finished reading "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" by Kris Carr. If there is such a thing as a manual for having cancer as a young woman, this book is it. She handles it with humor and she writes in a way that makes me feel like I'm not going crazy having the feelings I have. However, I will be ignoring her chapter on how a vegan lifestyle worked for her. I can give up my hair; I'm not giving up bacon too.


  1. Have I ever told you how awesome you are? I think about and miss you EVERY DAY!!! Head scarf v. wig? Where do you stand? It is going to be okay. Your hair is going to grow back as thick and beautiful as ever! Yeah, nothing could make me give up bacon! Keep blogging....mucho loves to u!

  2. Oh I miss those ANTM marathons...we need to have another one soon. And I don't blame you for refusing to give up bacon...otherwise how would we make a decent carbonara? Lurv....Case